25 Bookish Facts About Me

25 Bookish Facts About Me

I wanted you to  know a bit more of me, because i’m such a newbie. So here’s comes some facts about me and some of my bookish habits. I hope you enjoy. Also P.S I’m hosting a crazy giveaway on Instagram give it go.

  1. I read more physical books than eBooks because i can’t stand reading off my phone for too long before i get a headache.
  2. Im totally love fictional boys with with sarcastic attitudes, i just have a thing for it.
  3. And yes, I also do judge a book by its cover (oops what can you do)
  4. I spend most of my life time wondering when I will meet William Herondale in my life.
  5. I’m a huge book crier, like a really big book crier.
  6. I try to write reviews right after I finish books, but sometimes it isn’t possible
  7. I’m not a fan of classics(oops I’m trying to read more though)
  8. When I read physical books, I try to be as careful with the book and pages as much I can.
  9. I like rereading books.
  10. My favorite authors include Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, and Leigh Bardugo.
  11. I like love triangle(Yeah that’s right)
  12. I also love forbidden love issues(I find it amusing)
  13. I adore getting book mail
  14. When I read hardcover books, I take off the dust jacket
  15. I like binge reading series
  16. I’ve become a book hoarder.
  17. I like to smell books.
  18. I struggle lending books out
  19. I reads loads of genres
  20. I love William Herondale ( Umm, who does not, by the way we got married a few yrs ago)
  21. I have been going thru a Identity crisis not sure if i’m a Ravenclaw or Slytherin
  22. I’m a huge movie Fantastic
  23. I’m a Potterhead
  24.  I’m a Puckwudgie.
  25. The infernal devices is my favorite triolgy


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