Top 5 Wednesday- Books You Want to Finally Read in 2017

Hello! So this was the topic for Top 5 Wednesday  for December 7th but I decided to do it today, because its sounded so fun. There’s hundreds of books probably that i want to to get to read soon, however these are the top 5 books i want to read in 2017.

1)Passenger (Passenger #1)

I have been putting off the book forever now it seems, the synopsis really really interest interest me. However I wasn’t a huge fan of her past series, it bored me to death so i’m kinda scared that i won;t liked it. Also the reviews for it have been kinda mixed. But the cover and the story is really pulling me towards its, so i hope i get to fear it and loving it.



This is an another book, I’ve been putting off reading for a while. I’ve hear really mixed reviews about it which is really scaring me off.








I’ve honestly tried to read this book, multiple times now and I can’t seem to get into it at all. I’ve heard great things. I’m hoping next year to be able to actually finish it.


4)This Savage Song

So there’s is an absolute huge amount of hype around this book, and the story intrigues me so much and then the COVER IS AMAZING. Also a YA book without any romance.(how awesome is that?)










5)A Tale of Two Cities

So a classic…I’m not a huge classics fan but this book honestly has so many beautiful quotes. And i’m pretty sure its set during the French Revolution(I’M A HUGE GEEK) Also William Herondale compares himself to one of the characters. And its where Cassandra Clare got the idea, I need to read  it.


Have any of you read any of these? I so do you recommend me to read it?



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