Playlist for The Infernal Devices

Jars Of Hearts

  • So I think this song is perfect for the infernal devices because it kinda conveys how Will broke Tessa’s heart. And now how she’s scared of gibing up he heart up to Will because she scared of her heart breaking again..


Sad Beautiful Tragic by Taylor Swift

So this song song kinda obvious because the whole Tessa, Will and Jem love affair was Sad and Beautiful and tragically beautiful.


Fire and Ice

This song was inspired by the Infernal Devices, so there isn’t any way that it shouldn’t be on this list


losing your memory

So this song is just perfect for the infernal devices it just gives you the tid feels.




Young and beautiful

So Tessa doesn’t age, Will and Jem both do so…….pretty self explanatory


Fight Song

So everyone in tid  has something to fight for, they are trying to stay strong.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

So TID broke my hear…….

Here With Me


Who lives who dies who tells your story- Hamilton

London-Vanessa Cartlon

So i think all these songs give me the  feels of the Infernal Devices, they make me feel really ice when reading them.





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