Top 10 Best Strong Female Characters

Everyone loves strong female characters don’t they. Although I frequently jealous of how cool they are. I can hardly kill a ladybug without panicking.


1.Inej From Six Of Crows: So I absolutely love her character. She honestly such a headstrong character. Someone to admire. **pss you should read six of crows**


2. Isabelle Lighwood from The Mortal Instruments Series: So can you get more Strong and cool than her. She hunts Demons and monsters, but she does it all in heels. I can hardly walk in heels without breaking something.powerful-serie-shadowhunters-stylish-favim-com-3634318

3.Hermione Granger: I have really no words to say. Without her Harry and Ron would be dead in the first book.tdcw9tw

4. Charlotte Branwell from the infernal devices: Honestly she raised William Herondale, Jem Carstaris, and Jessamine Lovelace like they were her children, and took charge of the Institute, an she fought demons and monsters.

5.Ruby from the Darkest minds: So i really didn’t like this book but I can’t deny that Ruby was a strong Female Character, she goes through loads during the Darkest Minds and she alwasy fights through it and perseveres.

6.Katniss Everdeen: So I also didn’t enjoy this book, but I can’t ignore the fact that she won the hunger games, she volunteered in sacrifice for he little sister. And also took down a corrupt government.( I mean I do that everyday)giphy (3).gif

7.Celaena Sardothien; So she’s a really cool assasin, who can’t  be beat. Although she can immature, Petty and ,Annoying

8. Annabeth Chase: She can fight, and uses knowledge as a weapon.


9.Audrey Rose Wadsworth: I LOVED STALKING JACK THE RIPPER,She’s headstrong and passionate about feminism.81bdf0eab47d6a370bf937b23f3c148b

10. Henrietta Howel: So Henrietta doesn’t let herself to get pushed around by anyone. She always comes back fighting for her friends.




  1. great post! i’ve been wanting to pick up six of crows for so long now, i’ve heard so many amazing things and it’s just my type of book. also annabeth and hermione are absolutely perfect for the topic of this post, i love them endlessly!


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