The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

So prepare yourself for a huge overload of beauty in this tag, you will want to  take thousands of pictures of this book.

1. Best color combo on a book cover

So I have to give this one to “The Sun is Also A Star”, although my feelings about this book are still mixed I have to say it has such a great color combo. Its insanely pretty.


2. Best typography/font on a book cover

So this one obviously goes to the The Dark Days Club , its a beautiful book, inside and out. However it also has stunning typography.


3. Best simple cover

I really love Girl Made of Snow and Glass, its really just captures the simple idea of the story, yet that it has a powerful twist.


4. Best endpages

There’s so many that I love but I absolutely love love The Dark Days Club end pages, its so pretty!

5. Best map

Ooooo. The best map has to go to the one in The Infernal Devices, but there’s so many, but this one gives me a nostalgic feeling.TID_London_map.jpg

6. Best naked hardback

The best naked hardback has to go to the UK Edition of Caraval, the fact that there’s 5 different editions you could receive was just so exciting.



7. Best back cover

I can’t think of one on this one. My mind has just completely blank

8. Best chapter headers

This one has to go to Six Of Crows, the chapter headings for each book are so BEAUTIFUL.

9. Best illustrations

duh…. the harry potter illustrated edition

10. Best spine

The whole Shadowhunter chronicles new design with the pretty spines obviolsuy.

11. Favorite cover on your shelves

The Infernal Devices series’ covers just always have me in complete aweinfernal-devices-covers1

And I tag everyone to do this tag!



    • You can never have enough copies of Caraval. I got the rose,and the the tent and I’m super tempted to buy more. The infernal devices hold a dear place in my heart. And Six of Crows chapter headings are absolutely stunning. You should totally do this tagūüėāūüėä


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