The Book Blogger Test Tag

Started over at Laura @ Laura’s Book Review

The rules:

You must answer all of these questions truthfully

What are your top three book pet hates?

  • Cover Changes, broken spines, dog ear bookmarks

Describe your perfect reading spot

  • Under my covers, in a cozy blanket

Tell us three book confessions

I actually don’t buy books impulsively, I usually buy only favorite books. The smell of old books is really soothing. However on the contrary of my first statement, I have lots of unread books on my shelf.

When was the last time you cried at a book?

  • Lord of Shadows, and not because of the ending.

How many books are on your bedside table

  • Uno

What is your favorite snack whist you’re reading?

  • Did someone say Chocolate?

Name three books you’d recommend to everyone

  • Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, and Girl Against The Universe

Write how much books mean to you in 3 words

  • They’re my life


What’s your biggest reading secret?

  • I’ve never read a classic.




  1. Planning on reading Six of Crows! Same here with Lord of Shadows; the ending was sad but I cried another time too (can’t remember WHEN exactly and what FOR…lol) WHAT you’ve never read a classic?! Honestly I don’t read a lot either though…I think I’ve only read a few of the biggies.


  2. I haven’t read Six of Crows yet – perhaps it is time to jump on that bandwagon…hehe – broken spines are the worst! That, and the different sizes within series, and books general – u r g h.


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