The 15 Bookish Questions Book Tag

Hi Readers! So I found this neat book tag on this fantastic blog that is Life of a Female Bibliophile.  I’m going to keep short and sweet, without a delay i’ll get to the tag.

1. What was the last book you read?

I finished Starfish a few days ago.

2. Was it a good one?

YES! IT was really fun, and it was sweet and cute. However it really had a deeper meaning.

3. What made it good?

The characters and the story itself.

4. Would you recommend it to other people?

Yes, its a book for everyone.

5. How often do you read?

If i’m not in a reading slump, really frequently. Especially in the car, or on the bus

6. Do you like to read?

Not at all, obviously.

7.What was the last bad book you read?

A court of thorn and roses, ewww

8. What made you dislike it?

It was overhyped, tropes were overused and had problematic aspects too.

9. Do you wish to be a writer?

Yes and no, I have tried multiple times, but I’ve tried multiple times but I really don’t think i have the patience to do it.

10. Has any book every influenced you greatly?

The first book that comes to mind is Clockwork Angel, and then My heart and Other Black Holes.

11. Do you read fan fiction?

not really

12. Do you write fan fiction?


13. What’s your favorite book?

I think that’s an impossible question to answer there’s no one favorite book. I love The Infernal Devices series, Six Of Crows.

14. What’s your least favorite book?

I can’t think of one

15. Do you prefer physical books or ready on a device (like a kindle)?





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