Characters That Deserve Their Own Series

Hello Readers! So everyone has favorite side characters,  sometimes you just want to shove the main characters aside.  And just hope for more screen time for them. There more than a plot device and more than just comic relief to us.  And when the book ends you just want more of them. They become a part of you and just want more and more from them. 
I’ll be including book characters and also perhaps a few movie characters.(tv show included)


Kenji from Shatter Me

  • Ok. Ok. Okay. So if you haven’t read Shatter Me, just read it because of Kenji.  Kenji is the classic funny best friend, who is supposed to be only comic relief but he’s so much more. He is one of those best friend that everyone wants and is perfectly jealous of. He also turns invisible can we talk about the bff perks.

Nikolai Lantsov From Shadow and Bone

  • So if you haven’t heard of Nikolai I don’t know if you live under a rock perhaps. But HE’S AMAZING? He’s charaming, and kind. He’s witty, charming, charismatic and just will have you falling in love with him in a split second. He’s just plain hilarious.

Prince Kai From Fireblood

  • I can’t say much because this book still hasn’t came out yet but…. HE’S ADORABLE, ADORABLE AND ADORABLE. He’s like your prince charming. He’s really sweet and patient. Just be ready to swoon when you meet him. He also cares about his wardrobe and his hair.

The Darkling From Shadow And Bone

  • So I LOVED SHADOW AND BONE. LIKE A LOT. It made me love the grisha world and fall in love with fantasy.  I would love to see more of the Darkling. He had an eerie persona and was just so mysterious yet you can’t help feeling drawn towards him. ūüėä

    Bash From Reign

    • So I watched Reign a few months ago after going through a whole historical fiction phase. It was probably one of favorite guilty pleasure shows that I love to watch. It recently ended which makes my heart ache in pain but I absolutely loved all the charcters. But one of my favorites was Bash. He was Francis’s stepbrother he was first really introduced to the show as one of  the “main male characters” he slowly became less prominent. (ūüė≠) As then was written off the show. Bash was sweet, kind and extremely caring. He was a great brother and a great friend to Mary. He also had a really interesting story. That deserved to be told.

    Catherine de Medici From Reign

    • Another character who deserves their story to be told is Catherine de Medici. Her charcter in Reign was so flawlessūüĎĆūüĎĆ. She was perfect. Her role was iconic and so great. She would do anything for her children which made her so CREEPY.


    1. OH fantastic post, and YES for Kenji! I loved him so much, he was actually my favorite of the series I think ahah. He would really deserve to have his own series ūüôā


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